(Expired) Action: Rally at City Hall to Legalize Survival for Houseless People, Tuesday July 25 — Spread the Word:

Just Housing is holding a rally and camp-in at Olympia City Hall on Tuesday July 25 at 6 pm.  The City Council meeting starts at 7 pm (meeting details) where advocates will provide public testimony.

If you plan to go, sign up on Just Housing’s event on their Facebook page to show your support in advance.  Here is their background on the event:

In Olympia, we have an inadequate amount of shelter and housing and NO legal place for people to sleep outside. Various city ordinances criminalize and discriminate against houseless people who have nowhere to go. These ordinances, which restrict camping, sitting and lying on public sidewalks and the ability of people to live in their cars, force people into conditions that are unsafe, unhealthy and unstable.

This action will include a 6PM rally before the city council meeting followed by a public comment speak-out and then a “camp-in” civil disobedience action at the entrance to City Hall.

This event is part of Just Housing’s Legalize Survival campaign, which has used a range of tactics, from “camp-ins” and public bathroom occupations to city council speak-outs, to force the city government to end its discriminatory practices against houseless people.

Setting an Intention and Dedicating Our Merit

I will be attending the rally.  I will bring 11″x17″ paper, magic markers, and tape for anyone who wants to make a sign on the spot.  For Buddhists attending, let’s work on setting an intention for the action in advance for the benefit of all beings and use this intention to inspire the messages we write.  Let’s also remember to dedicate our merit after the event.  Even if we do not remember to round up at the end for a dedication as a group, we can do it as we leave separately.  Remember a dedication prayer from Shantideva is on our website at http://www.ssbpf.net/dedication.html, so those with smart phones have it available anytime.

More about Just Housing:

Supporters of a new movement called Just Housing are bringing awareness to the lack of low-rent housing options in Olympia and Thurston County.

According to a comprehensive report by the United Way, nearly 12,000 households in Thurston County — about 12 percent — live below the federal poverty level while another 23 percent struggle to afford basic necessities such as housing and child care. The same report shows that Thurston County ranks near the bottom in Washington for housing affordability with an average monthly rent of $721 for a single adult and $963 for a family of four…