(Expired) Action: Set a positive intention for the rally tonight in support of Olympia City Council’s Resolution to Impeach, Tuesday July 11 at 6 pm

A rally framed as “against” an individual is an opportunity to reframe the intention with the benefit of all beings in mind.  As we gather and prepare for this rally at 6 pm tonight, let’s remember our intention is protection of democracy, the climate, and the social programs that the Trump administration threatens.  I will be bringing magic markers and 11.5×17 paper for people who do not arrive with posters, so we can create positive messages on the spot.

Background from yesterday’s post:  Olympia City Council will consider a resolution to call upon Congress to investigate whether sufficient grounds exist for the impeachment of Trump.  Download and distribute the flier here:  Flier_OlympiaResolutionToImpeach

Bonnie Jones has an update on this action on Facebook here.  Some highlights from her post:

  • The schedule for the evening: 6:00 rally outside with banner and signs; 6:45 signups to speak; 7:00 Council meeting.
  • If passed Olympia would become the 15th city in the nation to pass an impeachment action.
  • The Council has prepared an excellent local rewrite of the resolution. However, if you like details, here are a few. Under Item 4.G, Option 1 is a letter to our legislators asking them to urge Congress to go forward with impeachment, but without the resolution. Option 2 is the resolution itself, with official signatures, but without a letter. Option 3 is to take no action.  (You can find details on the meeting on the city’s website here:  City Council meeting details with link to the agenda)