(Expired) Action: Spread the Word to Attend Tuesday’s Olympia City Council Meeting: Resolution to Impeach Trump

Action 1:  Spread the word:

Olympia City Council will consider a resolution to call upon Congress to investigate whether sufficient grounds exist for the impeachment of Trump.  Download and distribute the flier here:  Flier_OlympiaResolutionToImpeach

Details: July 11, 2017, Rally starts at 6 pm.  Meeting starts at 7 pm, Olympia City Hall, 601 4th Ave E, Olympia, WA 98501




Action 2:  Email the Olympia City Council in Support of the Resolution to Impeach:

This action is from Bonnie Jones at Olympia Resolution to Impeach:

Please write emails to Olympia City Council members in support of Puget Sound Communities4Impeachment’s visit to Olympia City Hall on July 11. We are asking Olympia to place our Impeachment Resolution on their agenda, and add our voice to the other cities urging Congress to open an impeachment investigation of President Trump.

You can send a single email to all of the Council members at the Council’s central email box:

If you’d prefer to write to individual Council members, their separate emails are listed on the City Council website at:

Last December, the Olympia City Council received 130 emails in support of the Sanctuary City Resolution. They were extremely impressed by this show of community support for this worthy resolution, which they passed unanimously. They are counting emails, so let’s give them lots and lots of emails to count!

In our current resolution, the legal case for impeachment is based on President Trump’s violations of the Foreign and Domestic Emoluments Clauses of the U.S. Constitution, and obstruction of justice in the firing of FBI Director James Comey. Further details at:

Thanks so much!

In solidarity,
Bonnie Jones