Dharma Seed (Audio Talks)


This is a link from Mary to audio talks by Buddhist teachers, including monks, nuns, and lay persons. These teachings, or Dharma talks, were recorded at retreats and gatherings. Selecting “Talks” and then entering the search term “meditation” provides a list of more than 300 guided meditations. Selecting “Teachers” provides a photo and brief biography of each teacher with a link to her or his talks.

Some teachers will resonate more with you and the place you are in your life’s journey. Try a teacher and if you aren’t feeling it, go on to another teacher. Some of Mary’s favorites are: Ajahn Sumedho, Ayya Anandabodhi, Ayya Tathaaloka, Anushka Fernandopulle.

For each talk you can select “Listen” (will start the talk on your audio player)¬†or “Download” (talk will be saved to your computer to listen whenever you like or transfer to your cell phone.)