Meeting Minutes from June 4, 2017 and Robbie’s email link

Download the meeting minutes here:  SSBPF_2017June04_MeetingMInutes

Get Robert’s update, including these photos from the BPF’s Portland “United Against Hatred” rally on June 4, 2017 at

yo all, though it is june, time marches on. great last meeting. what snacks! what great folk.




Planned June Actions—see for more details 

  • March for Unity on June 11, Sylvester Park at 11 AM. .
  • Pride Parade on June 17, Capitol rotunda at noon
    Our brochure is almost done. We hope to receive some training in how to de-escalate situations, and perhaps on non-violent communication technique. Next meeting- Sunday, June 18th – 3:30 @ Carolyn’s….
    Be well, Robert