Thank you to SSBPF from CWS (CROP Walk)

I received an email from Mary Catherine Hinds of Church World Service about the 2017 Thurston County CROP Walk.  Thank you to everyone who participated.  Here are some of the results of your efforts.

Her letter:

Thanks again for your leadership in the Thurston County CROP Hunger Walk! Your partnership with Church World Service through the Walk enables communities around the world – including yours – to move forward.

In 2012, I saw what “moving forward” looked like for a young Roma woman in Serbia named Gordona. I met Gordona and her five children in a settlement that was basically a garbage dump. As a single parent living in poverty, Gordona faced steep challenges. She had no formal education, and the dump lacked clean water and electricity. Her children’s future was at risk: kids in the neighborhood often had to beg in the streets instead of attending school.

Through a CWS-supported education program – which was made possible by CROP Hunger Walks like yours – Gordona enrolled her children in school…and enrolled herself in our women’s literacy program. When I was there, she had just learned how to read and could fill out job applications! Gordona was empowered to build a future that fit her family’s needs.

I want to thank you for making this future possible, and for walking alongside families like Gordona’s without having met them. Our CROP Hunger Walks are the largest funding source for CWS’s hunger-fighting programs, so your Walk counts! In the upcoming months, we’ll be sharing a glimpse of those programs with you through our annual report and programmatic snapshots. I hope you’ll see your generosity reflected in the stories of the lives you are impacting.


Mary Catherine Hinds
National Community Event Strategist
Church World Service